General Manager Speech

After the long Chinese New Year of 2010, let’s celebrate and welcome the 8th anniversary of Visson Electronics Corporation. On behalf of Sales & Marketing team of Visson, I want to thank you all, every department, every leader, especially our strategic partner who takes continuous supports and helps to us since the establishment of Visson from 2003.

No matter you are entrepreneur or not, I believe that our cooperation will encourage each other to rapidly accelerate both development and bring both prosperity.

No matter you are our partners or competitors, I believe the cooperation and competition between you and me will inspire our morale and potential.

We have been developing from zero, from weak to strong for years; maybe we all had been fluctuated and met hardships, frustrations in difficult situation.

 However, we still preserve the perseverance, initial decision and firm step in our mind that we are an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, we are not just doing business, but undertaking a greater social responsibility. Therefore, our aim is not only to develop ourselves, but also to coexist with other partners to achieve a win-win goal.

Though the establishment of Visson is just eight years, it has changed from of a green hand then developed a healthy, efficient company by unremitting efforts from all the staff.         

In the continuous supports and helps of our partners, customers and friends, we deem that: Visson will become a top brand in China even the world.

Pei-Hua Xu