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VS-217 Portable pest repeller
The device generates acoustic signals with the tried-and-tested frequencies of 7 kHz against mosquitoes and fleas(frequency A), 10 kHz against flies, mice and rats (frequency B) and 12 kHz against cockroaches and martens (frequency C). The pests perceive the frequencies as a disruption to their natural way of life and avoid the corresponding rooms where the sound is emitted.                                                                   
1.Power supply: Amorphous silicon solar module via 1×1.2 V DC 800 mA NiMh rechargeable battery (included) or 220~230V AC / 3V DC mains adaptor (not included in the scope of supply)
2.Voltage reserve: 3 days (without the incidence of light) when the battery is fully charged
3.Operation: On / Off switch, frequency selection switch
4.Effective range: appr. 25 m² in closed rooms, appr. 6 m radius in the open
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